Tribunal Representation

Has a claim been issued?

Do you know what to do with an ET1 or an ET3?

How do you best present your case?  Is it just about the money?

When you need:
  • To complete a claim form (ET1)

  • To defend a claim (ET3)

  • To follow tribunal directions

  • To prepare a bundle of documents

  • To prepare witness statements

  • To negotiate a settlement

  • To prepare a settlement agreement

  • To be represented at a hearing

You don’t have to struggle on your own.

When a claim is unavoidable, we can help with case preparation, negotiations for settlement and also representation at the tribunal.

What can seem the most simplest of issues can involve numerous legal concepts, all of which can have different interpretations.  We have the expertise to argue the best interpretation for you.

You would probably like to keep things simple, and that’s our philosophy too – we will be clear about what you have to do to win your case or to minimise the risks.

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