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I formed Hinson Consultancy Ltd in 2005, after having specialized in employment law from 2001. I have been practising in the legal industry since 1990, and worked for some established law firms in Nottingham and Derby, before feeling brave enough to set up on my own!

I love helping people understand how the law applies to their situation. I know when I have done a good job when the person I’m advising can make a decision about their next step and not feel helpless about the law.  Communication is key in any employment relationship, and if I can help an employer or an employee to properly express their position, then we’ll be half way there to a resolution.

The company now trades as HR Solicitor to reflect the unique combined services of HR work and an employment law practice.

I do work with other trusted associates, who are experienced HR consultants, business advisers, other specialist solicitors, accountants and financial advisors. I also like to facilitate networking between my suppliers, clients and associates. I would like to think that I am one of those people who will know somebody that can help, even if I can’t!

In my spare time I run around after a husband and 3 children, and sit on the Governing Boards for a Housing Association and a local college.

Lin Hinson
Director of Hinson Consultancy Ltd

My career to date has spanned 20 years, of which, 16 have been operating within the realms of pure HR and the rest as a Customer Focus Manager.  I worked for a blue chip company for that period which gave me the opportunity to gain experience in locations the length and breadth of the UK, 4 years in Head Office, plus several years living and working in Turkey, Paris and, on the self governing island of the Isle of Man.  Finally settling down in Leicestershire, I became a freelance consultant working with local companies.

I work with both employers and employees to tailor policy and procedures to their own specific needs, and regularly review progress and development. I’m comfortable covering any aspect of people management helping all levels to understand their responsibilities and develop their skills by designing and delivering a customized training programme.

Now working with an employment law practice offers a unique and comprehensive product offer as the services are intrinsically linked.

Just to keep me on my toes and to make me smile, I’ve had two children in the last few years!

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